Star: Sol
Distance: 1.6 AU
Diameter: 4,200 miles
Gravity: 0.4
Moons: 2
Day Length: 24 Hours
Atmosphere: Nitrogen-Oxygen with a large percentage of carbon dioxide
Atmosphere Density: Very Thin (1/10th Earth standard)
Average Temperature: Very Cold (Highs near 100 degrees, more typically lows near –150 degrees)
Water: 10% of surface
Population: 7,000,000,000
Government: Worldwide Democracy (MarsGov)
Control: 2
Allies: EarthGov, Saturn Republic,
Enemies: Eden Directorate

History and Comment
Mars was Earth’s first interplanetary colony and it has always enjoyed a close relationship with Earth in even the worst of times. Although terraforming is finally beginning to pay off and the population is exploding with millions of people applying for citizenship, the air is barely breathable and can be extremely cold. Low pressure and cold-weather genetic modifications are extremely popular with parents. The planet also has a large elderly population from Earth who enjoy its relative proximity to Earth, low cost of living, and low gravity.

MarsGov is generally considered to be EarthGov’s smaller saner cousin and the two tend to act in unison.

Standard Traits: Low-Pressure Lungs (0), Nictitating Membrane (1), Temperature Tolerance (Cold) (5)


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