Star: Alpha Centauri
Distance: 1.1 AU
Diameter: 6,000 miles
Gravity: 0.6
Moons: 1
Day Length: 29 hours
Atmosphere: Nitrogen-Oxygen
Atmosphere Density: Earth Normal
Average Temperature: Cold
Water: 60% of surface
Population: 10,000,000,000
Government: Coalition of factions with central Dictator (Eden Directorate)
Control: 4
Allies: (?)
Enemies: Free Cantons of Mercury, EarthGov, MarsGov

History and Comment
Eden is a remarkable fluke of parallel evolution. The local ecology was completely compatible with Earth before the coming of humanity and had reached an early dinosaur era of sophistication. Earth plants and animals could easily compete; in fact rats and rabbits almost completely decimated the local flora and fauna without genetic modification. Neither were there any local viruses or bacteria that were able to compete with the advanced biological technology that the colonists brought with them.

Eden owes its large population to three facts. First, it was the preferred destination of colonists for nearly 100 years; the colony has increasingly high standards for admission and has been able to grow rapidly while turning away all but the best, brightest, and wealthiest. Second, Eden has consistently had the highest birth rate in human history for much of that time as well. Third, the colony was lavishly equipped with cloning technology from the very beginning. Although cloning activity has dropped back down to the very low levels of Earth in recent years, very few residents of the planet cannot find at least one clone in their family tree. Many families are composed of nothing but clones and their descendants.

The economic history of the colony has been little short of miraculous and citizens of Eden enjoy a higher standard of living than anywhere else in human space. Last year, for the first time, Eden-based Torch Ships made more flights than Sol-based Torch Ships. Citizens of Eden are far more likely to travel to other stars solely for the sake of tourism than any residents of any other planet. They have developed a reputation for being very competent, possessing a slightly annoying air of superiority, and being very naïve about other people’s history and motivations.

The government of Eden is a finely balanced coalition of factions that hate each other. Although there is no doubt that Eden has successfully balanced the competing factions, some political scientists wonder how long they can continue to do so. The primary factions are: The Chosen (who believe that Edenites are the best humanity has to offer and advocate military conquest of the rest of humanity), The Order (who prefer economic conquest of the rest of humanity), The Exotics (who want to ignore the rest of humanity and evolve in their own special way), and The Centrists (who support the League of Worlds and believe that things are pretty good right now). The Centrists currently hold most of the power but the other three factions are constantly looking for ways to break them. The Chosen are particularly hostile to the Centrists but clones and clone-descended people strongly favor the Centrists.

Eden has recently established colonies on the moons of the nearest two gas giants because an increasingly severe shortage of unclaimed space on Eden.


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