Star: Sol
Distance: 1.0 AU
Diameter: 8,000 miles
Gravity: 1.0
Moons: 1
Day Length: 24 Hours
Atmosphere: Nitrogen-Oxygen
Atmosphere Density: Earth Normal
Average Temperature: Earth Normal
Water: 70% of surface
Population: 13,000,000,000
Government: Worldwide Democracy (EarthGov)
Control: 1
Allies: MarsGov, Saturn Republic
Enemies: Eden Directorate

History and Comment
Although the current incarnation of EarthGov is much less repressive than its predecessor, it doesn’t need to be. People with ambition or a strong sense of individuality have been leaving Earth for the last 125 years. The people who chose to stay on Earth naturally tend to cooperate with the government. Visitors tend to describe the level of cooperation as spooky and unnatural, like somebody is controlling their minds. EarthGov defends such behavior by pointing out that Earth and Luna are the most densely populated bodies in human space and maintaining the pristine environment requires a constant juggling act and requires sacrificing individual freedoms for the greater good.

Luna is the home of the finest interplanetary shipyards in human space and serves as the jumping off point for nearly all travel to and from Earth.

EarthGov is generally recognized as the single most influential (and slowest moving) government in human space today. The single factor that keeps the government working at all is that the citizens are allowed to bring referendums up for worldwide vote on short notice. The combined Earth and Mars Fleet (the ex-Solar Union Navy) also serve as the police arm of the Earth Alliance.

Standard Traits: Gullibility (-10), Honesty (-10), Extremely Fashion-conscious (-1), Weak Will –1 (-5)


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