SkyTech, based on Eden, is a relatively small corporation by headcount but has unusually large profits and has major influence in the Earth Alliance. It primarily deals in pharmaceuticals and biological tools made in zero gravity but has many other lines of business as well.

It is well known for hiring the most talented people in their field and paying them well for excellent results. Rumor has it that punishments, rarely enforced, are also a little excessive compared to the corporate norm. The company makes it a point to be very competitive in all lines of business and is extremely competitive in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Tech Level: 10+
Employees: 30,000
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Scientific skills-15, Technology skills-12
Employee Traits: Skill: Biology 1
Notable Resources: Many orbital facilities, a small fleet of shuttles, numerous smaller facilities on Earth, Mars, Eden, and Isabelle, a few merchant ships
Reaction Time: +3

Social Attributes
Type: Interstellar Corporation
CR: 3
Loyalty: 12
Rank: Mercantile 0-5
Reputation: +1, Pharmaceuticals +2

Note: Secrecy about current and upcoming products is very important to this company and it is regarded as very competent at detecting and neutralizing intruders.


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