Pavonis Portal

Pavonis Portal is a major transportation and tourism hub on Mars and is the last major city on Mars that needs a dome. Pavonis Portal is at the top of Pavonis Mons, the largest volcano on the Martian equator (14 kilometers above sea level). This makes it an ideal spot for a space elevator (locally known as “the Beanstalk”) which carries large cargoes to and from Mars orbit.

The atmosphere outside of the dome is only 10% of Earth norm, which would incapacitate an unmodified human in less than a minute, and the average temperature is -30 degrees Celsius.

Inside the dome is a lively, if a bit rough, city of roughly 50,000 people. Government cargo inspectors and people involved in hauling the cargo are the two biggest segments of the economy but the view from the top of the mountain draws quite a large number of tourists.

Railroads carrying cargo and people radiate in all directions from the Beanstalk. A relatively small local spaceport mostly carries tourists who want faster travel options that the Beanstalk. The government maintains a few hundred soldiers in the area for riot control and normally has 10 full squadrons of StarFuries stationed here using magnetic railguns to launch them into space. There are currently only 6 squadrons because the rest have been shipped off to the Dilgar War.

Spanish is the primary local language here.

Pavonis Portal

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