Star: 61 Cygni
Distance: 0.5 AU
Diameter: 6,700
Gravity: 0.9
Moons: 2 small moons
Day Length: 20 hours
Atmosphere: Nitric acid – Carbon Dioxide mix
Atmosphere Density: Extremely dense
Average Temperature: Hot
Population: 2,000 (?)
Government: Corporate (CygniCorp)
Control: 5
Allies: Many interstellar corporations
Enemies: EarthGov (?)

History and Comment:
Corporations have had a mixed relationship with governments over the last 300 years. Corporations have always resented government efforts to limit or tax their research efforts before the products are ready for sale. Corporate attempts to influence the governments are frequently viewed with hostility by the government and other groups who are also attempting to influence governmental policy decisions with more votes but with less money.

EarthGov’s increasingly successful efforts to get people to cooperate without asking questions have been viewed with increasing distrust by corporate managers. How do the corporate managers know that unspecified unscrupulous people won’t use take advantage of this to steal vital research data? Another threat that was considered in the creation of the colony was the threat of telepathic theft of this vital competitive edge. EarthGov argued that the supporting corporations were being unrealistic when the colony was first proposed but the Mercurian Cantons followed their long-stated policy of building a Torch Ship for anybody willing to pay.

Entrance and exit from the colony is severely controlled at the Jump Gate (visitors and the ship are searched at both side of the Jump Gate) and on the closer of the two moons (Tarsus, named for the most popular car the year the colony was founded) before the visitor is allowed to set foot on the colony. Travel within the colony is restricted to specific corporate research area by very polite and heavily armed security guards.

There has been an unending stream of unanticipated costs and near-lethal accident reports from the colony since its inception and the promised research benefits have not yet materialized but the corporations have declared themselves well satisfied with the results seen so far. EarthGov has continued to be highly suspicious of the colony and its real purpose.


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