Star: Innes Star
Distance : 0.8 AU
Diameter: 3,000
Gravity: 0.5
Moons: None
Day Length: 3.5 days
Atmosphere: Essentially none
Population: 90,000
Government: Coalition (HavenGov)
Control: 1
Allies: None
Enemies: None

History and Comment
Haven is the best example of the EarthGov’s early efforts to export individuals who “didn’t fit into the system.” The colony was established by EarthGov as a tourist attraction in 2156 but never lived up to its billing as the best tourist attraction in human space. Building the colony on a moon that had just been hit by a comet proved to be considerably more difficult than expected and cost the lives of 400 colonists. This was partly caused by Bureau of Relocation’s selection of politically difficult artists and authors for colonists. When the colony was finally constructed, it was discovered that Haven’s distance from major population centers caused it to be bypassed by people looking for a good time at a reasonable price.

Haven’s inability to generate revenue led to a general breakdown of the colony’s life support systems and the accidental poisoning death of 17,000 colonists in 2179. Although the Bureau of Relocation sent assistance, they also insisted on sending 15,000 petty criminals with no previous experience in space as replacements. The result was as predictable as it was tragic when an inexperienced criminal transportee accidentally destroyed the colony’s hydrogen fuel dump, most of the food supplies, and half the colony dome. Seventy thousand colonists died in the explosion or from starvation or frostbite before a relief ship could arrive. This incident caused EarthGov to dismantle its policy of forced relocation and to decide to bring the colonists home. Much to EarthGov’s surprise (and secret relief), the colonists refused to leave and requested assistance in rebuilding the colony once again.

The relocated colony has proven to be a moderate success with most of its exports being books, plays, games and other intellectual property of all types. The colony is still very small because nobody from outside the colony willingly goes to the site of the “wrecked” colony. Spacers, in particular, have been very reluctant to spend any time near the unlucky place.

Recently Haven has become a host for a strong task force of the Earth Alliance fleet because the new maximum security has been established on Alcatraz, the planet nearest the sun. Although there are only 87 prisoners in the prison, the Alliance has assigned a full carrier task force to watch over it with orders to destroy the prison if necessary prevent the prisoners from escaping.


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