Edgars Industries

Edgars Industries, founded by William Edgars is generally considered to be the fourth largest company in the Earth Alliance. It is based on Mars but has major offices on Earth, Eden, and a start-up office on Dayan. The main research facility is on Isabelle, which is generally regarded as the most secure place in human space.

The company mainly concentrates on producing high-quality pharmaceuticals and is well-known for extremely innovative research. Critics are concerned that the company seeks to expand its profits by innovating faster than morality can keep up.

The company has many sub-divisions in other industries and is generally credited as a major force in the 150 year effort to terraform Mars.

The current board of directors is viewed as insular, corrupt and power-hungry and there is a movement afoot in Mars society to introduce Edgars’ descendants to give the company more balanced leadership.

Edgars Industries

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