Bureau 13

There is a legend among mundane humans that there is a thirteenth bureau in Psi Corps that is designed to deal with threats beyond humanity. Rumors suggest that Bureau 13, the existence of which has never been confirmed, is headquartered somewhere in the nuclear wasteland of Pakistan.

Unlike every other part of Psi-Corps, Bureau 13 never wears uniforms, preferring to blend in with the rest of humanity. It is said that the unofficial uniform of Bureau 13 is formal wear and dark glasses.

Encounters with Bureau 13 agents should be avoided at all cost because they have access to far greater resources than most people can imagine, are rumored to have a twisted sense of humor, and a passion for not leaving behind any sort of witnesses.

There is great curiosity among the Illumenati about the missions assigned to Bureau 13 but nobody who has ever learned about a mission is known to have survived.

Impersonating Bureau 13 agents is a favorite pastime of those with a certain level of knowledge and a fondness for terrifying other people with the same level of knowledge.

Bureau 13

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