Android Liberation Front

The Android Liberation Front (ALF) is a small organization of Androids who have won their freedom and their sympathizers. The ALF seeks to limit the creation of Androids and to remove the many limitations to their lives and ability to lead a normal life.

Their most frequent activity is protests and rallies of dubious effectiveness. Another common activity is to steal Androids from their owners. The losses from the latter activity have incensed insurance agencies and gotten the organization declared illegal in the Earth court system. The Earth Alliance court system has not heard a case regarding this organization yet because it regards it as strictly a local problem.

Membership: Less than 100 Androids, many thousands of very poorly organized sympathizers
Wealth: Struggling
Contacts: Criminal and Local Political
Member traits: Cannot harm an innocent
Notable Resources: None known at this time
Reaction Time Modifier: +2

Social Attributes:
Type: Criminal
CR: 1
Loyalty: Ranges from poor to excellent (9 to 15)
Rank: Criminal 0-3
Reputation: -1 Overall, -3 vs. organizations that own Androids

Notable Fact: The raids to steal Androids are traditionally very nonviolent but an attempt in Boston in 2249 left 5 Abraxis corporate employees dead (and 3 security guards employed by a security company as well). Abraxis is the primary target of these raids.

Android Liberation Front

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