Abraxis Corporation

Abraxis, based in Germany on Earth is the leading manufacturer of Androids in Sol. This essentially means Earth because neither Luna or Mars (the next two leading population centers in the Solar System) allow the manufacture of Androids but they are quite popular on Mercury and Jupiter.

Abraxis has a reputation for creativity but not for always seeing the consequences of its actions. Its clientele is almost exclusively governments and other corporations because the typical cost of its products extends well beyond the reach of the average household. It would like to change this fact by diversifying into lower cost biological products.

Employees: 15,000
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Governments and Large Corporations
Notable Resource: Research centers in Germany and the US, Factories in Africa and Russia, Sales offices across the Solar System
Reaction Time Modifier: +3

Social Attributes:
Type: Interplanetary Corporation
CR: 4
Loyalty: Poor (9)
Rank: Mercantile 0-5
Reputation: -1 (Android Rights)

Notes: Abraxis Corporation has been known to do somewhat less research than normal into their products before creating prototypes. They feel that this gives them a competitive advantage while other people worry about the ethics of the situation.

Their major competitor is a division of SkyTech

Abraxis Corporation

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