Spacecraft & Spycraft

Striking Back, Part 2

After a lengthy discussion, the group decided on two ways in order to infiltrate the Abraxis Warehouse – one group will work with the protestors outside along with the Homefront, while the other group will work on getting on the inside and find out information that way.

The group then set up a meeting with the Captain of the Homefront. McCoy contacts the leaders with some difficulty – since the Captain was followed previously, they wanted him to prove his identity. McCoy proves it by telling them about the hotel incident, which they believe it. After divulging their location, McCoy brings Jess disguised as Shu with him to meet the group and win their full devotion.

Once they get to the tin foiled covered room, the guard asks McCoy if he trusts the person with him (Jess), which he nods and they are let in. The captain comes into the room and greets McCoy, then turning to Jess, who is then introduced by McCoy as Shu. The Captain asks him to prove it with some evidence. Jess uses their watch to release new footage of the “bugs”, which impresses the whole room immensely. The Captain immediately downloads it on his thumbdrive before it gets wiped off the internet, so that the Captain can spread the information again later.

The Captain then gives his pager number to Jess, saying it was an honor to be in their presence and if they ever want to summon the forces of the Homefront, please let them know. Then he says that they must depart before the group is found, especially since it does take some time to strip the tinfoil from the walls.

The SJG group then organizes for a bunch of protestors to work outside of Abraxis for the next couple days, while having the more experienced disruptor groups look for various ways to cause chaos around the building. After the group gathers information on the facility, they meet with Parker, McCoy and Leonie (dressed as an old woman) to go over the detail. While their information was sound, some of the persons in the group were less so, after flirting with Old Woman Leonie. After breaking up a small verbal spat over the awkwardness of the situation, the group tells the protestors that they will let them know when they are needed.

Drew and Leonie go in for interviews – Leonie for administrative assistant, Drew for HR. Drew goes in first, and meets with a middle aged woman for his interview. She ends up impressed with him, and says that she will reorganize the staff just to get him on the team. After the interview, Drew successfully gets Shu’s program onto the computer in the room. Shu uses his hacking skills to get into the system, and after some difficulty, gets his program open.

Leonie goes into her interview with an innocent look, the interviewer asks her if she likes games. She says that she likes playing games like hopscotch and cribbage. He then asks if she likes hands on games, she responds with a flirty tone that she’s hands on in all of her work. The interviewer says that he has to leave for a moment, in the meanwhile she slides her program for Shu as well and was sucessful. They finish the interview, now including an older woman who is watching the interviewer like a hawk. She gets the job, and is put to work immediately.

Through Drew, Leonie and Shu’s efforts, they have found out that this particular facility has mysteriously lost between 50 to 100 people a month and have not been filling in those positions at all. Entire sections have been evacuated, and have been locked off with security. By going through Leonie’s boss, Shu was able to find out that they are having a hard time with a drug that gives superhuman strength, and that the security guards were ex-staff that have been genetically modified with this program to be freak beasts. He also found discussions between supervisors that they fear the new management in the basement, and that Research and Development moved down there as well.

Through another information gathering exercise, Leonie goes to get some papers signed by a senior executive. A security guard stops her, where she tells her that her boss needs paper signed. The guard takes the name of her boss, mentioning that he may need some re-education, then suddenly the executive comes out. Without looking up, he signs them, then gets on the elevator. Leonie tries to get on the elevator after him, but she gets stopped by the security guard, with him telling her that she’ll thank him later. As the elevator closes, she hears the executive say “have NE1 take care of that” as the door closes. She was shocked to hear it but managed to stay calm. A system search went out on Leonie’s identity after that incident, but she managed to turn out clean due to Kit’s work. Shu sent out a counter probe to see where the search originated, which revealed that it was from PsyCorps in Germany.

The group then discusses how they are going to get into the basement of the facility to get some evidence of the information they found, especially since a lot of the access points inside are heavily guarded. They first sent a drone that Lincoln built through the sewers that was linked to Jess’ android mind. They discovered that there were lasers everywhere and heavy weaponry built into the wall.

They then discover that the freight elevator may be the best route since it is the least guarded and monitored. Leonie first was able to sneak in and damage it. When the company called a maintenance person, Parker was able to intercept the maintenance truck on the way, beat him up, and place Lincoln and McCoy in his place. When the two get to the building, the guard asks Lincoln if they do it in an hour, since they have a shipment coming in. As Lincoln works on it, he attaches a device on the elevator to have Shu gain control of it.

An hour later, the facility receive their shipment, including giant boxes from “Interstellar Import-Export”. They ask Lincoln if the elevator is prepped, which he gives them the ready in his disturbing voice. The man looks at him strangely and then sends the elevator down. When the guards were not looking, Lincoln hops down on top and rides it down with them. The elevator continued to go down past the four known floors of the facility into the secret fifth floor.

Leonie leaves her “Insterstellar Import-Export” box first to scope out the area and open the door slightly. After giving the green light, the rest of the group were able to come out of their boxes, and Lincoln then tells Shu to move the elevator slightly so it sounds like it went back up to the people on this floor.

Before moving out, they set up a bomb in the room to destroy the bugs as they make their escape. As the group start to move towards the door and peek outside into the hall, Jess was able to see a scientist running out of a door screaming. Behind the scientist was a shimmer scuttering behind him. The shimmer, which was one of the large bugs, tackled the scientist, beheads them and then starts devouring its stomach, laying an egg in its chest.

McCoy does some investigating on his own and finds a bunch of tissue samples with labels, taking photographs of what he found. He sees that there are some folks in this particular lab, and recognizes that the scientists are very focus minded – believing that they are drugged or mind controlled. As he goes to leave, McCoy was able to hid himself as two German PsyCoprs pass by him, chatting telepathically.

Jess was able to sneak up to a security guard in the area and collect a drool sample from them, so that they are able to trace the guard back to one of the missing persons.

Leonie sneaks into an office building and run right into a bug. She successfully sneaks back out, and as she goes out she hears two human scientists say how surprised they are that NE1 was able to survive the torture that he’s going through. She chooses to go after him, and sees a brain in a jar, with a biological device attached to him.

She goes into the room and greets NE1. He says that he must be dreaming. She says that he is not, and he replies that he must be in hell. If so, he says, he wants her to kill him – the device that is attached to him is recording everything so it will alert soon. She asks if there are any other memories he can tell her. He says that she did love roses, and then she takes out her whip and ends him.

As she runs out, sirens start alarming, and she managed to make her way back to the elevator. As the group started to go back up, the bomb with the agent set off below. When the elevator opens, the group was greeted with a riot that was taking place thanks to the work of Homefront and the violent protestors and was able to successfully escape.

All of the information was given directly to Shu, then was released to Cathay Media. As Cathay started pressing Abraxis, several governments in Asia pressed back on Cathay to try and leave them alone. It appears that several governments have now been compromised by the bugs, but Cathay and the SJG chooses to continue to press back.



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