Nathaniel Edwards I, deceased


Super genius, psionic robot


Psi Corps left nothing but his mind. Well, that isn’t entirely accurate. Say rather that they left nothing but his mind, a few thousand dollars worth of medical stabilization, and the only woman he had ever cared about.

NE-1 had been a fairly competent thief and con artist, but his ambitions and desire to destroy Psi Corps would be his undoing. He and Leonie were captured on a mission that turned out to be a trap. When the corps discovered that NE-1 was a powerful psychic, they tried everything to control him, including the torture of Jane.

Jane, the woman he loved enough to link his mind permanently to hers, was shot in the foot first. Then they made their way up her body and eventually left her broken and in a coma. NE-1 resisted still.

It was only after they had deprived him of his body and ability to feel emotion that Edwards made a deal. In exchange for Jane’s freedom and happiness, he would serve Psi Corps and by extension Bad Wolf.

And that is what he did until unfortunate circumstances caused Psi Corps to deactivate his communications and imprison him once again.

Jane eventually found NE-1, who begged for her to kill him, rather than let the bug continue to twist and torture the cyborg brain. To his surprise, Leonie did in fact kill him outright.


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