Lisa Edgars

Heir to Edgars Industries


Lisa Edgards is the granddaughter of the founder of Edgars Industries but has no real wealth of her own due to a deal between her father and the board of directors. Nonetheless, she was given a first-class education and a position in the Public Relations department of the company, which viewed her as harmless.

This proved to be a mistake because Lisa has been determined in her efforts to regain control of the corporation. She was eventually fired for agitating the shareholders (who had good cause to be agitated) but got herself hired again as a personal assistant to the Director of Records. There Lisa found sufficient evidence to indict several board members, all she needed to regain control of the company was sufficient cash to buy enough shares of Edgars’ stock to get a seat on the board of directors.

Lisa contacted the royal family of Jupiter to investigate the possibility of loan in exchange for a favorable settlement of several border disputes in the Asteroid Belt. She met with Thomas Crown several times but vanished before anything could be signed.


Lisa Edgars

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