Leonie Finch



ST 10 HP 12
DX 13 WILL 11
IQ 11 PER 12
HT 12 FP 12

Languages: English, Spanish


Elastic Skin
Enhanced Parry (all parries) 1
Night Vision 2
Acute Hearing 1
Chameleon (Visible and Infrared) 2 (Extended (1)
Affliction (Paralysis) 2 (ContactAgent, CostsFatigue (1); Paralysis; Cannot Parry)

Amnesia (Partial)
Curious (12 or less)
Guilt Complex
Impulsiveness (12 or less) Increased Consumption -1
Low Self-Image
Nightmares (12 or less)
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents)
Phobia (Guns) (12 or less)
Sense of Duty (Children) (Large Group)
Likes: fashion, dressing up


NE-1 discovered Leonie during a mission in Bogota to link a mega-corporation with a ruthless drug cartel. Their mission went south. The SJC was two agents down when a local petty thief agreed to help them plant evidence in the CEO’s office because the cartel hurt her family. This was when NE-1 first became aware of the thief’s ability to blend into her surroundings.

At least, that’s the official reports claim. In a struggle to escape, Leonie suffered a blow to her head, and woke up with no memories of the event or her past.

NE-1 and several of the SJC crew searched the area for the woman’s family, but discovered no one of the name anywhere in the city, nor did her dialect match any of those in the area. NE-1 used a bit of administrative magic to assign the Jane Doe to his charge. As a few crew members already knew Leonie, so the name stuck.

Her abilities in espionage and assassination quickly emerged under stress, and Leonie passed through SJC training quickly. Leonie developed a bond with NE-1 and the floating drone was assigned to oversee the last of her training in the field.

Leonie Finch

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