A human replica, that specialized in making appearances.


St – 10
Dx – 13
Int – 11
Ht – 11

Perfect Balance
Plastic Face
And more…


Low Empahty
Shortened Lifespan


Jess was recovered by the Special Justice Group just a year ago. Jess was eager to get back to work after having been “laid off,” for what feels like an eternity.
With the backing of the SJG, the android known as Jess began using an innate talent for “pretending.” Ze enjoys adopting the mannerisms of other people and becoming others.
The degree to which Jess understands the role of infiltration it plays for the SJG is debatable, but zer enthusiasm is unmatched, if only Jess could master zer own identity, then the team would have bone fide mimic.

Jess had a short run with the SJG before the accelerated aging took its toll. Ze and the SJG became aware that with only a few more years left to live the humane thing would be to take zer out of the field and encourage social interaction with a quite desk job.

Jess is expected to survive for a handful of years before zer bright candle burns out.


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