Spacecraft & Spycraft

The Heist of the Century

Shu gets a message on a back channel with the Centauri, which surprised him because they had hightailed it out of the galaxy after Shu released the tapes. They request communications through laser at specific coordinates, which turns out to be in the asteroid belt.

The Centauri ambassador greets him, saying he hope things are doing well. The Centauri have a predicament where they need assistance from a group that are used to working on the down low, so of course Shu and team came to mind. Shu was willing to listen – after discussion of payment, of course. The ambassador tells him that it’s an impressive sum if successful, which Shu accepts.

The Ambassador then tells him that the Centauri were looking to make a beautiful necklace from the Hope Diamond which was to be called “the Centauri Eye”. His group is to provide a security connection for the necklace from Earth until it reaches its destination in deep space. On Earth, they are to be meeting a Mister Jones, who is charging an extraordinary price to finish the product. They need to make sure that it is real and will leave Earth on the correct ship.

After his meeting with the Ambassador, Shu told the SJG that they are accepting a job from the Centauri so that they are not assigned any jobs in the meantime. The group says that they will be the one to decide whether or not it conflicts, though the next day they do approve of the mission, and the group takes off for Earth with no issues at all.

Once they arrive on Earth, Shu leaves for Texas where he will interview a new bodyguard, while the crew of the Adder take off to do their own thing. Leonie was grieving over NE1’s disappearance, and Patterson convinces her to go out to browse the stores with him, since according to him shopping always cures a woman’s heart. She relents, and decides to follow him out. The two head towards the shopping district, where Patterson spots a large beefy guy following him. Patterson and Leonie make their way into a store where it would be easier to keep an eye on the large man. He contacts Shu, who tries to use his equipment to hack into the camera systems into the store, but due to the tools that he has, is unable to get through.

Patterson grabs Leonie and the two of them go through the back door, running into three women in the back of the alley. As Leonie tries to distract them by asking for a smoke, Patterson comes out and and the other women move towards him. They say that he is under arrest – they are bounty hunters and the price for his head has went up to 200,000 dollars. As Patterson starts running, Leonie touches one of the women’s hands to drop to the ground. However, the other two women were much faster than Patterson and were able to grab him rather quickly; the one catching him had retractable claws. Leonie touches the second woman by behind and knocks her out as well. The big beefy guy comes up with his pistol and blasts it at Leonie but misses. As Patterson gets his hands tied behind his back by the woman, Leonie dodges another blast and touches the large guy, paralyzing him. With Patterson completely restrained, the woman pulled out her blaster and shot at Leonie, who managed to survive the shot and put her hand on the woman’s face. While that was not enough, Leonie used Judo to immobilize her and rescue Patterson.

Shu wraps up his interview with the new recruit, Danny Parker, who fits the bill for what they were looking for – someone who knows their way around a weapon. He takes the new recruit with him to San Antonio, in order to parlay with Jones. On their way there, they run into a strange man who seemed to be waiting for them. He was to deliver the two of them to where the necklace is. The man begins to ask Shu some philosophical questions, but Shu says that he is uninterested. The way over to the warehouse was uneventful, and once they arrived they greeted by a very twitchy Mister Jones. Jones says that he was surprised that the project was continuing, but he’s glad that it’s over and that he could be rid of it. Shu asks him about the weird guy that brought them there, Jones says that he didn’t hire anyone at all, and he believes that they are being watched. Parker looks outside for him, but the strange man is no longer there.

Shu orders twenty taxis to all go to completely different places in order to confuse the enemy, choosing to board only one of those and take a convoluted way by train into Dallas. One there, Shu orders more random taxis and monitors the area just in case before delivering the package to the shipping warehouse personally. The two then arrange transportation form themselves to a station in orbit of Earth, where they would then board the Black Adder. As they wait on the station, an older gentleman watches the Adder dock, says that it is a beauty but would be more beautiful if it had a turret on top of it, before leaving.

The package makes it with no trouble to Luna, and then travels peacefully to Ceres. The UPS guys deliver it to the PO Box there with no issues. In order to keep an eye on it, Leonie disguises herself as an old man and goes to the PO Box to inspect the package. It looks like it hasn’t been tampered with , so she then puts it back in the PO Box. McCoy, who was also in the building, hears a skittering behind him and taps Leonie. She notices it as well, and her disguise flickered a bit. As Leonie strips and goes invisible, McCoy tries to pick out its emotion out of a crowd and hears soft nails on a chalkboard.

The courier and his bodyguard, looking nervous, get to the hallway where the box is. The guy who met Shu and Parker is on the station, on the other side of the corridor. He stops the courier, says hello to them both, and walk right past them. Leonie follows the short man into the elevator with him. He turns to her general direction, says that he notices her, she is not wanted and she should stay in the elevator as he leaves it. As she attempts to leave after him, she is stabbed in the back with a needle and is knocked out.

McCoy follows the courier on his way back to the ship Beowulf, to see if anybody else is following them. The courier had spotted him, and confronts McCoy. McCoy plays it cool, says that he doesn’t want the box, and then turns around and walk away. Once he watches the Beowulf take off, he hears that Leonie was picked up by the station police and goes to pick her up. They say that they had a doctor look at her, found it interesting that the blister was filled by synthetic heroin. McCoy was able to get her released along with a sample of the blister’s drainage for 2,000 credits total. As he takes their hands for a handshake, he mindwipes all of them to forget this entire situation.

Once back on the Adder, Dana St. John, communications, tells everyone to get on the bridge. They hear communications from the Beowulf saying that they are being attacked by Pirates – their guns have been knocked out and they are losing air quickly. Once closer, they are able to get vision on the Beowulf, which is dead in space with four ships surrounding it. Shu calls to the Ambassador to let him know that they are not in a position to take on the four ships, the Ambassador has a heart attack and their second in command takes the message. They agree that the Adder will go and investigate the Beowulf as the Centauri get resources to go after the four pirate ships.

Lincoln and Parker go ahead to look at the ship. The Beowulf is completely destroyed within and is stripped of all fuel and goods. They quickly find that all of the hiding places have been checked, and the package is no longer there.

As the Adder comes closer to the four pirate ships, a beam of red light came out of nowhere and knocks power out of the four pirate ships. The group cautiously sends out a drone to check out the ships, and find it curious that the ships are not free tumbling – which suggests that they had been visited. Shu calls the Ambassador who says that a human has contacted them saying that he has a way to get the gem in exchange for a favor and they want Shu’s group to meet with him at Juno Station. They send a picture of the man that they had previously met and the images match. Shu asks for a recording and they see it. Parker and Shu notice something off, and it looks that some of the video is missing. They ask the Ambassador why there is a piece of the video missing, and they respond that it doesn’t concern them, then releases them from the job.

Since the group knows where it is, they run to the meeting and witness the man giving the box to a group of two. As they leave with the box, Leonie goes to grab one of them but is jabbed in the butt again and is knocked out. McCoy notices a flash of scattering legs moving around, shoots at it and misses. Parker takes off for the two guys, one trips and the other one picks up the box and ran with it. The first guy took out his blaster and Parker hit him, killing him instantly. The second guy managed to get away and called the cops, arresting all of them.

The Juno Police Department refuses to give the box to the group – a mysterious donor is outbidding them, and money rules in this system. The mysterious man comes into the room, sits down with McCoy and the two of them have a discussion. The mysterious man introduces himself as Mr. Mordin, who speaks about his associates and how interested they are with him. He does say that all of them have the same goal, and he is impressed with McCoy. Mordin extends an offer, but it was declined by McCoy, though McCoy does want to make sure that the necklace makes it to the Centauri Emperor. Mordin promises, saying that he doesn’t lie, and then makes his leave.

Shu tries to put some tracer on the ship that Mordin is boarding, but that completely bricks the Adder instead. When the system was restored, it was clear that the computers were scanned. Shu contacts the SJG to make them an enemy, and they explain that they already have a file on them – Project Bad Bug and that the group should be very cautious when dealing with them. The group is one of SJG’s better teams, and they would be hurt to lose them, like the three teams before that have run into them. The Adder’s computers need to be completely replaced, and Shu needs a new identity.



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