Spacecraft & Spycraft

Pekka's Mission Notes - Entry 10\1- A

Martian Mayhem

<decoded> by 512 bit-bit cypher.

Some time after the team released a Nano-bot bomb in a secret facility beneath Frankfurt, they were whisked away to Mars to begin another mission

The Android Jess dropped dead from zer accelerated life span, having only enjoyed the shortest of retirements. Replacing in the team is new recruit Pekka whose alternate identity of Sola is wanted by the Alliance.

On Mars, the team arrives at the capital, mostly ignored by the locals who have a practical somewhat ignorant personality to the wider universe.

Politicians here kowtow to the voters, as anything can be brought up in normal legislative business. It is brisk here, the air is artificial and thin, sealed away.

Agent McCoy received a message from the SJG, to receive orders just as we were getting settled.
McCoy meets with Mr. X

SJG has been contacted to execute Justice on a murder. Two teams have been hired to investigate cause, and to locale Perp and deliver our variety of retribution.

Victim is Thomas Crown, of Jupiter. Heir to the despotic gasbag throne.
We have been hired by the reining King, to find killer, and to locate numerous valuables also stolen.

Mr. X Advised caution.

The team decides to visit hotel first, with Patterson and myself at the lounge level where we can inspect other guests. Leonie and McCoy will view the crime scene.
At Ritz hotel on Mars, we find that every stolen object was quite valuable. The wealth the Heir ostentatious, decadent, and bourgeois.

McCoy enters crime scene with little fuss, overstepping standard procedure and impersonating Jovian authorities. Too easy. Were even waved down by police who were clueless and allowed their “licensed” arms into the penthouse.

( Dilgar War continues – change in narrative of Alliance victory…)

Police suspect robbery gone wrong, police are bozos, we are to further investigate.
We learn that the body of the heir is with Lt. Blake of the Martian police.

All blood found belonged to victim, the victim opened the front door and was killed in the entry way; Stabbed multiple times and then dis-handed. Clothes then shredded by force knife.
Lethal stab wounds were done by an unusual metallic weapon, space age metal alloy in archaic blade.
Police found DNA of Perp, suspect local street gang (must follow up).
Police inform us the FBI have taken over the case and more evidence is now within their jurisdiction.
McCoy detects Wine cellar was cleaned out, likely as source of valuables by the looting after murder. Everything was taken, liquor, Clothes, Stocks, Bonds, and Art.

Police mention the heir was mentally unstable, blocked cameras into own room (essential but novice move).

McCoy deduces the lobby as only port where the Perp would have been viewable on surveillance towards the Penthouse.

Body discovered 18 hours ago, from our visit to crime scene, TOD was 21 hours before our visit.

McCoy and Leonie leave the Penthouse to visit Lt Blake, who expects them, at the police station.

Blake seemed surprised by this Martian Nutcase. Emphasizing the culpability of it all, a victim who is foreign, a gang who have all been killed after their ID (must investigate), and the case who being in possession of the FBI is now developmentally arrested to her.

Police admit to spying on the Penthouse from outside the front door. Witnessed an official of the Edgar Corp enter and some minutes later leave with a bloody pillowcase. Likely murderer.
Just as this man enters the elevator to leave a cleaning crew (likely street gang who have since been killed) came up to commit robbery.
Now FBI has the case,
FBI revealed to be our parallel SJG team. Who specifically?

Edgars Industries responsible for terraforming mars Mars, untouchable by police by popularity and demagogic politicians.

James Morden mentioned, his relationship to this case unknown.

Lt. Blake confesses doubt of our story of being Jovian, McCoy reveals nothing (smart). Police need us regardless (untrustworthy).

We discover the Prince brought in many guests, and many escorts. Among these were politicians, Bankers, and an unknown Centauri.

Patterson makes ab appointment with one such Banker who visited the Penthouse before the murder. We arrange a meeting where Patterson will lead the Banker to be interrogated by McCoy, with my supervision.

Before the meeting occurs, Leonie is advised by a stranger (issue) not to pursue the investigation. Left card John Carter ( a bogus name if ever I saw one).


The Banker was unafraid to meet McCoy and I, said he was well protected. Upon seeing Sola realized the gravity. we did not harm the Banker but demanded to know why he met with the Heir.

Collected info on other guests of the Heir and the intention for a loan. Money to be used for a hostile takeover. Banker also reveals that D. Drumpf intends to run for presidential office. (Contemplate vacation to capital on inauguration day).

McCoy thanked the Banker for a wonderful lunch, and asked me to hand the Banker a caterer’s business card, “Al Pacino’s fine Dinning.”

McCoy is certainly odd, psychic is possible, but illegal. (Need to revisit occlumency training).

After Banker we make similar investigation into local politician, and gather similar info.
Heir wanted to lift privileges from Edgar Corp, which the Politicians could not do as the company is too popular. They own most of Parliament.
Mars and Jupiter have border dispute over many asteroids.


Get name for of the unknown Alien, Lord Kiro.
Consider follow up.

As we exit the meeting the politician bumps into J. Carter, who avoids us.
I attempt to follow this Carter but was recognized. I fled to hotel and to dosesesessseeeee,

Later I learned that:
Leonie successfully followed Carter back to the Ritz hotel.
McCoy met with Carter. (dumb move!)
Carter would not budge on his job to obstruct our investigation.
Carter did not admit he was investigating us, but why else would I be recognized, and why would he think we are a threat!?!

I asked when they would like me to kill Carter.
Have not been instructed to do so.


Sarah contacted us.
Mysterious Edgar murderer was identified as deceased pilot William Brown.
The cemetery of his burial was disturbed. Body missing.
W. Brown was name given as Edgars Employee when visiting the Heir before murder.

Upon learning these details McCoy excuses himself to make a call. (To whom?)

Sarah called again just as we heard blaster fire in the Hotel.
I immediately aimed to suit up, only just fully arming myself as a knock came to the door.
Patterson, assured by our prepared defenses answered.
He was quickly stolen away by Carter’s thugs.
Leonie followed secretly.
As the door closes behind the thugs I grab a chair and attempt to throw it out the window to escape. Darn hotel had space grade glass. Was left in the Hotel room with McCoy and only one exit with cameras.
McCoy pursues slowly after them informing me to keep Sola hidden unless blaster fire is heard.

Meanwhile on the 3rd floor. Carter was flabbergasted at the psychic trauma his men have been subject to.
He demanded to know who was responsible, asking Patterson who could offer no satisfactory answer.
McCoy arrived just as Leonie used her toxin to paralyze Carter.

McCoy asked for compliance from the thugs who too afraid of out team lowered their weapons. As Carter regained composure we explained the extent of what we have learned, and Carter realizing he was out of his league couldn’t defeat us, and would die if he impeded our investigation of Edgars.

We learned from this trouble that Edgars is the most likely suspect left, they having possession of W. Brown’s body, possible tech to reanimate the dead, and motive to eliminate Jupiter as a regional power.

Carter informed us that his latest wealthy client wanted him to keep all instigations away from Edgar Industries.

Meaning we have a next target.



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