Special Justice Group

Mission Statement: Creating justice for individuals and corporations when the law cannot or will not act. Because it is a corporation, the SJG needs to charge a fee larger than its costs in order to continue to exist, but it also takes pro-bono work that is highly visible, low-risk to the company, and low cost.

The company was started over 250 years ago in Austin, TX on Earth in the Sol system but the records for much of its history have been destroyed in a series of accidents and the reconstructed records are not viewed as entirely trustworthy. The company is owned 100% by an individual who chooses to be identified as Charles Brown Jr who always pays his taxes on time. Charles Brown Jr. has owned the company for the last 200 years so it is unlikely that the individual actually exists and is more likely to be a family or a very small select group of people who work under a pseudonym.

The standard method of communicating a request for justice to the organization is a bit unusual:
- A person or corporation sends a message to the high encrypted website explaining the situation and requesting justice. They are not allowed to specify what form the justice will take, that is up to the members of the SJG. 99% of requests fail to generate action or even a response. The group never offers an explanation for why they take some cases and fail to take other cases.
- If the case attracts the interest of the SJG administrative team, it is passed on to the investigative team
- If the investigative team finds that the requester did not make any substantially false statements, it passes the information on to the assessment team
- The assessment team determines a price, the requester must pay in full within 48 hours
- After payment has been made, the task is assigned to an implementation team, that has 6 months to decide what action is appropriate and to perform it. Implementation teams that continually favor violent solutions are frequently laid off from the company. Emphasis is known to be give on creative solutions that visit the pain the requester has suffered on the implementation team target. Implementation groups have shown a continual willingness to break or skirt the law in the pursuit of justice.

Failure to achieve justice after 6 months results in a full refund and the request is considered cancelled. Nobody outside of the highest ranks of the company know the success/failure ratio of its missions.

Success is broadcast simply and directly, preferably with video of the results.

The group only works in Human space.

Tech Level: 10
Members: ?? (probably in the low hundreds but the company claims that millions of people are members because they favor the company in social media)
Wealth: Average – people who join the organization are not looking to get rich but neither are they willing to suffer an economic disadvantage in the pursuit of justice

Member Traits:
- Alternate Identity – Nobody admits to working for the company 15
- Contact Group (social media followers) – Followers may never be called on for more than one mission 5
- Legal immunity (12- against local law enforcement only) – This is as a result of popular opinion once the team has succeeded. It may not apply where collateral damage or violence is excess of the crime is used 6
- Secret – Rumors that an individual is employed by the company can lead to unfortunate behavior from past victims [-10]

Notable Resource: No notable public resources are know
Reaction time modifier: +4 (negative numbers are better)

Patron Value: 10 (small but powerful company that works behind the scenes)
Enemy Value: 5 (An organization funded by past victims bent on trashing the company’s reputation known to the company as the Super Jerk Group, encounter on 6)

Social Attributes
Type: Criminal/Spy
Control Rating: 1
Loyalty: 12
Rank: Spy 0-6 (implementation team cannot be above 2)
Income Range: Average to Wealthy
Reputation: -2 (Law enforcement officials)
Reputation: +2 (General public)

Note: Although the organization’s Control Rating is very low, punishment for poor behavior can be quite harsh and includes withdrawing support and revealing agents who either fail or succeed in ways that are contrary to the organization’s purposes.

Special Justice Group

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