Star: Sol
Distance : 10.0 AU
Diameter: Varies
Gravity: 0.2 – 0.5
Moons: 23
Day Length: Varies
Atmosphere: Varies but always low
Population: 800,000
Government: Republic (Republic of Saturn)
Control: 6
Allies: EarthGov, MarsGov, Spacers
Enemies: Unknown

History and Comment:
Although the colonies were established at roughly the same time, Saturn has always been more fortunate than Jupiter, primarily because of better leadership. Saturn firmly resisted EarthGov’s efforts in the first part of the Integration War but surrendered when faced with the overwhelming power of the Solar Union Navy. The colony suffered several atrocities during the occupation and narrowly avoided being completely destroyed in the final uprising against the Navy at the end of the war.

When peace was restored, much to EarthGov’s surprise, the Saturn Republic was able to provide exact lists of guilty soldiers (including film proving their guilt), exact property value losses, and an easy repayment schedule with a reasonable interest rate. With the entire solar system watching, the new EarthGov agreed to meet Saturn’s terms and threw in a hefty bonus as proof of its good intentions. Saturn invested the reparations in hydrogen extraction equipment and has been the primary source of hydrogen for the Solar System Fuji Gates since the beginning of their use.

The Republic of Saturn is currently facing a serious terrorist threat from an unknown force which has forced the government into ever more draconian rules. Cameras are everywhere in hopes of catching the terrorists in action and at the very least, determining who they are and what they want. General opinion is that the Republic of Uranus has finally broken its self-imposed isolation but there is no proof.

Standard Traits: Low-Pressure Lungs (0), Temperature Tolerance (Cold) (+5)


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