History and Culture

Narns have a mixture of reptilian and mammal characteristics. The males are slightly larger than human standard and females are shorter than the males but generally as bulky as the males and there seems to be complete gender equity.

The Narn homeworld orbits close to a dim red sun and is considered dark and gloomy by other races but has many valuable mineral resources. It was discovered 150 years ago by the Centauri when the Narns had a very low tech level. The Centauri enslaved the entire race and made them strip-mine their own planet with no regard for the long-term health of the environment. The Narn were a peaceful race at that time and had few weapons or training in how to fight. They learned the hard way as they resisted the Centauri.

Progress was slow and huge numbers of Narns were killed but they kept breeding and coming back for more. Their resistance efforts slowly grew and became better coordinated and more effective. The Centauri had never encountered anything like this before but found themselves unable to resist without destroying the planet, which the Minbari very strongly warned them against doing. Finally the Narn threw off their oppressors completely but their thirst for revenge was not slaked and they went into space to continue ruthlessly attacking the Centauri. Now they find themselves in the same position as the Centauri, strip-mining other planets to continue their offensive in both peace and war.

Narn ships and equipment are heavily built and ponderous to use but very damage resistant and effective. The Narn trade aggressively but very sharply. You can get excellent equipment from them but you will pay top price for it. The Narn have two codes of conduct. With aliens (especially Centauri) they do not play by any rules except to deal from a position of strength. Internally and with people they trust, they are gentle, even poetic, with brusque but honest manners.

Government: The Narn Regime is composed of a series of nine circles, each one knowing more than the prior circle. Membership for a circle is decided by the members of the next circle up. Membership in the 9th circle is the only bit of democracy in the entire organization but is not fully understood by outsiders.

Warning: Angry Narns have a tendency to go berserk and exhibit extraordinary feats of strength and little regard for the life of the people around them.

Racial Characteristics

ST: +1
HT: +2

Low Light Vision

Enemies: Centauri


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