Many of the planetary governments maintain military forces of varying size and effectiveness in spite of recent history, which has been devoid of all-out warfare. Historians have wondered out loud if humanity has finally outgrown such behavior. Military officers merely smile grimly and shake their heads. The Earth Alliance has vowed to prevent any war from spilling outside of the originating solar system, but many wonder how effective their plans will be if put to the test.

EarthForce is the single largest military force in human space and was originally based on the Solar Navy from the Integration War. It is primarily based around Earth but is distinct from EarthMil, the military arm of EarthGov.

EarthForce has two distinct components, a number of large warships that spend a lot of time on patrol and a ground combat component frequently called “Gropos.” The two components have completely different chains of command that are wound together in the name of keeping the force integrated. Thus you can have an Admiral in charge of a division of ground troops and a General in charge of a space station. In such cases, a competent second in command will be in charge of the units if fighting breaks out.

Relations between EarthForce and the rest of the military organizations in the Earth Alliance is very mixed. Most of the smaller locations welcome the extra income from a visit by an EarthForce task force on leave but the bigger ones are concerned about EarthForce intrusions in their private business.

All EarthForce officers are trained in diplomacy and the organization’s motto is “We keep the peace.”


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