Earth Alliance

The Earth Alliance is a confederation of human-controlled start systems. The major components of the government all exist on Earth but are separate from EarthGov, the local ruling entity for Earth.

The Earth Alliance is composed of three branches:
- Legislative – The Alliance Senate with a set number of Senators from each world
- Executive – The Alliance President is elected every 6 Earth years for a maximum of two terms. The person who gets the greatest number of votes in the winner of the election. His primary role is to do the will of the Alliance Senate and as the commander in chief of Earth Force. He is also the titular head of the Psi Corps but most people feel that organization went rogue a long time ago.
- Judicial – The highest court in the Alliance is the Earth Alliance Supreme Court

Earth Alliance is a loose confederation, partly because of the will of the planets and organizations in the Alliance and partly because of the difficulty in controlling events across very long distances and through Hyperspace.

Interplanetary and Interstellar corporations have taken advantage of the looseness of the government to impose their will on the planets and space stations of the Earth Alliance. It is not so self-evident on Earth and Mars as those extremely rich planets have enough power to keep the corporations under a semblance of control. That control frays the further you get from the center of the Alliance.

Earth Alliance

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