Dendarii Mercenary Fleet

The Dendarii Mercenary Fleet (“Daring Rescues Our Specialty”) is the largest known mercenary fleet in existence in Earth Alliance space.

It has 12 vessels, mostly small and fast. The biggest ship, a heavily modified cruiser called Triumph, is over 100 years old and carries over half the firepower of the fleet.

The fleet offers the best pay and benefits of any freelance military organization and draws the top talent and hires only the best. The fact that Admiral Nysmith uses his troops in very creative ways that emphasize maximum impact and minimum violence adds to the attraction.

EarthForce tolerates its existance because of the low violence and high reputation of the organization. The fact that it refuses to fight even the smallest unit of any major planetary fleet probably helps their tolerance. The Dendarii’s are generally viewed within military circles as interesting, possibly useful for small engagements, and impossibly outmatched in a fair fight against any major military units.

Rumors suggest that the fleet employs 1-2,000 people, roughly evenly split between sailors and marines.

Dendarii Mercenary Fleet

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