Character Generation

Characters will start the campaign with 175 points, 87 points of disadvantages (which may include up to 5 points of quirks).

This is arguably the most wide-open GURPS game I have ever run, below is the list of GURPS books available to the players:

Heavy Use
Characters and Campaigns
Space (mostly for the GM)
Ultra Tech
Spaceships (mostly for the GM)
Horror (mostly for the GM)
Mysteries (mostly for the GM)
Social Engineering
City Stats
Boardroom and Curia

Lighter Use
High Tech
Mass Combat
Traveller: Interstellar Wars (mostly for the GM)

Initially characters will be members of the Special Justice Group and must have all of the advantages and disadvantages of working for the organization. Other backgrounds will probably become acceptable as the campaign progresses.

Character Generation

Spacecraft & Spycraft BearerOfTidings