History and Culture

Centauri males are a bit bulkier than human standard and they tend to wear their hair in a stylized crown, the bigger hair the higher the status. Centauri females tend to be shorter than human standard and shave their heads and are generally sequestered away from other races. Apparently only Centauri females can be telepaths. Their home planet orbits a hotter star than the human sun and the Centauri can withstand extremes of heat and cold slightly better than humans. Although Centauris look a lot like humans, their DNA suggests a surprising amount of fish-like characteristics.

Centauri society is focused around the success of the house in which the Centauri is born. A low status member of a high status house does better than a high status member of a low status house. The Emperor is the highest status of all. Centauri culture is focused around trading and wealth accumulation. Fair is generally considered a concept for losers but showing grace under pressure or when beaten is considered the highest achievement.
The Centauri civilization is fairly old and 500 years ago they were considered the “Lions of the Galaxy” but age has taken its toll and the Centauris control only a few dozen worlds now. Many of their ships are hundreds of years old but are retrofitted to keep up with technology. Centauri technology is very advanced, reliable, ornate, and expensive.

Government: The Centauri Republic was originally an oligarchy of powerful families which allowed talented people to work their way up through the system. It has since devolved into a defacto Empire with the Emperor handing off pieces of policy to individuals who have total control over their area of influence. Disputes are regulated by the Emperor and dismissals for corruption (valid or not) are common. The best Emperors appoint capable people, the worst keep power for themselves.

Racial Characteristics
Temperature Tolerance: 1

Enemy: Narns

Anti-Narn Melee Techniques – 1
Savoir Faire (Servent) – 1
Politics – 2


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