Cathay Media

Cathay Media, based in Singapore on Earth, is one of the most influential organizations on the planet and has a reach that spans the entire Solar System.

It is exclusively owned by Lin Chiang Lai. The organization greatly values its reputation for providing the most accurate news available in Human space. Stories are routinely delayed or cancelled if the organization cannot independently verify the facts. It employs the single largest group of reporters in the Solar System and has a whistle-blower protection system second to none.

Tech Level: 10
Members: 2,500
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Current Affairs (Solar System)-16
Member traits: Contact Groups (Accuracy: 9) (Availability: 12)
Notable Resources: Free access to communications network
Reaction Time: +3 (slow)

Social Attributes
Control Rating: 6
Loyalty: 12
Rank: Commercial 0-6
Income Range: Average to Filthy Rich
Reputation +2

Cathay Media

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