Tag: Psi-Corps


  • Bureau 13

    There is a legend among mundane humans that there is a thirteenth bureau in [[Psi Corps | Psi Corps]] that is designed to deal with threats beyond humanity. Rumors suggest that Bureau 13, the existence of which has never been confirmed, is headquartered …

  • Alfred Bester

    Bester is the living embodiment of the Psy-Corps mantra: "Corps is Mother, Corps is Father." He will do anything to enhance the power and prestige of the organization and anything to keep its reputation intact.

  • NE-1

    Psi Corps left nothing but his mind. Well, that isn't entirely accurate. Say rather that they left nothing but his mind, a few thousand dollars worth of medical stabilization, and the only woman he had ever cared about. NE-1 had been a fairly …