Rigellian Ale

The drink of royalty according to the Centauris


Rigellian Ale is a Centauri alcoholic product that packs a considerable punch. Centauri males have displayed an astonishing ability to consume this beverage without apparent long-term side-effects other than the drink’s trademark hangover.

One of the many things not fully understood about the beverage is that it affects even people who have been genetically engineered to not become inebriated. It is possible that the resulting hangover is actually more severe than it would be if the consumer had not been engineered to have hangovers. Another possibility is that people feel the effects more because this is the first hangover they have ever encounter in their lives.

The beverage is remarkably unstable and metabolizes in people’s systems very quickly, which makes getting samples to understand what is going on in the human body much more difficult.

Rigellian Ale

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