A famous ghost ship


The Morningstar disappeared at the outer edges of the Asteroid Belt about 70 years ago while searching for a long-rumored asteroid composed mostly of platinum. The ship was owned by Interplanetary Explorations at the time of its disappearance and the resulting investigation nearly drove the company into bankruptcy.

Many of the crew left the ship just before its final voyage because it had failed dozens of basic safety tests. The individual that owned the ship, a Jeff Robinson, vanished when accusations of unsafe operations and extreme cost consciousness surfaced and was never found. Reporters speculated that he owned a lot of money to organized crime.

Detailed examinations of the radar images of the time were puzzling because they did not reveal any explosion residue, the ship entirely disappeared in the 2 hours between routine scans of the region that the Morningstar vanished.

Most puzzling of all, the ship has been sighted with increasing frequency in the last 10 years, much the worse for wear but apparently still completely function. If these sightings can be credited, the ship suffered considerable damage and does not appear on normal radar screens and moves with astonishing agility.

An Asteroid Belt folk singer has recorded a song about the strange and sometimes infuriating behavior of the ship in recent times.


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