Nathan Gill

The Black Adder's Number One Pilot


ST 10 HP 11
DX 14 WILL 10
IQ 10 Perception 12
HT 11 FP 11


Absolute Direction
Appearance (Attractive)
Bioplastic Skin
Charisma 1
Combat Reflexes
Contact Group (Starfury Pilots) (Effective Skill 12) (9 or
less; Somewhat Reliable)
Courtesy Rank (Starfury Pilot) 1
Damage Resistance (Bioplastic Skin; Burning & Piercing)
10 (Limited; Tough Skin)
Damage Resistance (Skin) 5 (Tough Skin)
High Pain Threshold
Independent Income (Military Pension)
Legal Immunity 1
Rank(SJG Veteran Op) 1
Reputation (Combat Hero) 1 (All the time; Almost
Wealth (Comfortable)

Charitable (12 or less)
Code of Honor (Professional)
Compulsive Carousing (12 or less)
Duty (SJG) (9 or less (fairly often))
Enemy (Psi-Corps) (medium-sized group, some
formidable or super-human) (6 or less)
Gluttony (12 or less)
Guilt Complex
Intolerance (Telepaths) (One group)
Odious Personal Habit (Names and personifies
Sense of Duty (SJG Team) (Small Group)
Likes Classic/Flashy Vehicles
Obsession (Retirement)


Nathan was a lifer among the Earth Force pilots until those under his command came into conflict with Psi-corps near Io. They were ordered to ignore the colony of doctors and patients in order to rescue a Psi-Corps asset. While Nathan and his crew were able to save both, they managed to make a rather public spectacle of the psionic organization. Psi-corps never forgot the incident, and eventually, Nathan was forced into an early retirement. The agency blacklisted the pilot, making it nearly impossible to get legitimate work as a pilot for most pilots.

Unfortunately for Psi-corps, Sergeant Gill was never one to sit at home. Desperate for work, he moved to Miami and spent years helping his friend, a member of SJG. After acting as muscle on a few very dangerous missions, Nathan’s buddy introduced him to Captain Jason Baldric, who offered him a job.

Since then, Nathan has been working as a crewman aboard the Black Adder, often becoming involved to help on missions–especially if it involves making Psi-corp and their goons look bad.

Nathan Gill

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