Miles Nysmith

Self-styled admiral


Brown hair, brown eyes. Height: 4’ 8" Weight: 90 pounds. Age: 35? Always dresses conservatively or in uniforms. Does not display any particular fashion sense.

ST: 7
DX: 11
IQ: 15
HT: 13

Allies: Dendarii Mercenary Fleet
Charisma: 2
Reputation (Strange but honest): 1
Talent: Strategy & Tactics 2
Wealth: Rich

Code of Honor: Chivalry
Sense of Duty: Dendarii Mercenary Fleet


Admiral Nysmith first appeared during a civil war on Dayan. Through a series of maneuvers that have never been fully explained, he somehow took over a small mercenary fleet in a nearly bloodless coup and then used it in very clever ways with minimal violence to end the war. Then he returned the fleet to the original, very upset, admiral, and vanished.

Defying the odds, he reappeared a few years later and took over the fleet again, again with nearly no violence, but in a completely different way. This time the other admiral died, although it appears, by accident.

Nysmith has been involved in a number of different operations since then. Sometimes he uses the entire fleet and other times he uses just a few individuals. His prices are high but none of his known customers have ever expressed serious dissatisfaction with his performance.

Very little is known about his background other than the fact that he tends to been most frequently seen around or near Dayan. Dayan’s computer records are rather spotty due to the political turmoil there but there is no record of his being born there. There is widespread speculation that he is the spectacularly failed result of laboratory experiment to create a super soldier. This theory is reinforced by the fact that he is frequently seen with a bodyguard who has obviously undergone extensive biological modification known as Sergeant Taura.

Miles Nysmith

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