"We both know how this will play out Mr. Williamson, so why don't we cut to the chase..."


ST: 10 HP: 11
DX: 10 WI: 15
IQ: 14 PER: 15
HT: 11 FP: 16


You find a book lying on the end table:

Knowing The Man Behind the Mask:

Applying Classical Interrogation Techniques in a Modern Age
by S.A. McCoy

Next to the book a notepad that belongs to an “Agent B., P.C.” (whoever that is)
Inside, are some interview notes written in a precise, neat hand.

Robert Gregorson, NSA Records administration
“I’m sorry sir. We have no record of there being a ‘Special Agent McCoy’ in our employ within the past 100 years. We did work with a Detective McCoy, NYPD a few months back on the attempted UN bombing though. You might try there. "

Detective Deray Michaelson – 17th Precinct, NYPD
“McCoy? No, not one of our boys.Yea i’m sure. Some Secret Service G-Man. Was here here when it all went down. Didn’t catch what he said, but it was freaky. stared right in the perp’s eyes, and couldn’t have said more than 3 words. and walked away. Perp broke like an eggshell was sobbing like you wouldn’t believe, and that was that. told us everything. The bombs, the chemicals, everything”

Agent Paulkski – USSS
“No, We have never had an Agent McCoy working with the Secret Service, We have however liaised with one ‘Special Agent McCoy’ who was with the CIA from time to time on issues of concern”

Director Kimsey Miller – CIA Counterterrorism; Eurasia division
CIA? No, You mean that Martian MP. Yea I remember him. No he helped us out of a real jam a year or so back. Only man i’ve seen able to get a straight answer out of those Techno-Jihadists. No telling how many people we saved with his help”

Sgt. Mgr. Little – Camp Hathcock, Mars
“McCoy? I think he was some Visiting Detective from Luna Colony? Anyway. No idea how he did it, but i’ve never seen an interrogator break a suspect like that. Was like he was reading from a book.”

Officer Gerald Grimald – Lunar Police
“McCoy, he was that FBI agent who helped us with that interrogation 2-3 months back, right?”

Special Agent Mhd. Sandeep Reddy – Instructor, FBI academy, Quantico
“Yeah I know the guy, Some NSA Spook. he literally wrote a book on subject interrogation. It’s required reading in Interrogation 201. Yea, NSA. Yes, I’m sure. Look, I know he was NSA. I sat in the second row at his lecture at Fort Meade!”

As you open the book a torn out newsclipping bearing McCoy’s face falls out of the cover. Below the picture is scrawled with the same precise handwriting:

“Just who the hell is this guy?”


Spacecraft & Spycraft Wobberjockey