Lim Chiang Lai

Owner of Cathay Media


Age: 105, Height: 5’6", Weight: 135 lbs.

ST: 9
DX: 11
IQ: 15
HT: 11

Ally Group (Cathay Media)
Language (Chinese): Native
Language (English): Perfect
Language (Spanish): Accented
Merchant Rank: 8
Reputation (Honorable): +1
Status: 6
Wealth: Filthy Rich

Enemies (Other Journalists)
Reputation (Driven to succeed): -2
Code of Honor (Professional)


Born of poor parents in Singapore, Lim has overcome enormous disadvantages to become one of the power elites in the Sol System, which is also to say in the Earth Alliance.

He has retired from daily operations of the organization but keeps a close eye on its output, punishing people who fail to fully report the facts.

People who have met him report that it is hard to get him to move on any cause other than ensuring Singapore’s unique city-state status but he has access to the best information sources in the solar system and can be discrete when necessary.

Lim Chiang Lai

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