Kiro Molari

Centauri Ambassador


Recently appointed to be the first Centauri ambassador to the Earth Alliance, Kiro Molari has been described as an enigma wrapped in a contradiction.

Nobody within the Earth Alliance is exactly sure what Ambassador Molari’s status is on Centauri Prime and that status is the key piece of information when determining whether agreements he signs will be enforced.

The Ambassador has held a series of extravagant parties at his embassy that have led to several scandals. The apparent cause of the scandals is a substance known as Rigellian Ale, which seems to cause immediate inebriation. Kiro is the life of these parties but never seems to attract scandal. Regardless of the effects of the parties, the waiting list to attend such parties has grown the entire time he has been on Earth.

The very few reporters who have interviewed the man say that he is rather shy, cautious, and reserved, which is hard to believe when considering the pictures from the parties showing him hanging from the chandelier.

Kiro Molari

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