James H. Patterson

"The only two names you need to know for honest answers are James Patterson"


A quick and quite charming, fashionable smooth talker from Interplanetary Imports and Exports. Mr. Patterson represents a rather large firm selling major and minor operational parts from star gates to micro-prostheses surgical devices.

J.H. Patterson is one suave colporteur.

He is one of the most alluring “naturale” Earth-borns you personafiers have ever seen…most likely the most you have ever engaged with. (this wraps up many of his Advantages)

“James”, as only a very select few refer to him as, has a relatively thorough understanding of the business universe, Terran and otherwise. He is a galvanized businessman. His success is built upon relationships. He does have a network of associates throughout the region. He does apportion much of his continuance to his trade with firm devotion.

Mister Patterson has a distinct fondness for capital. One, that might on occasion, prevent him for overindulging…but again, this is rather analogous.

As one solitary member of this team is quite aware, “James” has an earnestness for concupiscent activities. Especially so with the unconventional and extraordinary. This circumstantially has lead to an interesting situation…or two. None of course, that hasn’t been overcome through contemporary resolution.

Mr. Patterson’s skills lie decidedly in the realm of Intellect and Charisma; Though, he can undoubtedly handle himself more than the average biped, in a manner of speaking, in the defense of his person.

If y’all have further inquiries, do propound them forthright as I tip my hat to you and sup upon this delightful libation.

James H. Patterson

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