Donald Drumf

One of the most loathed people in Human Space


Donald Drumf started his life on Earth but quickly decided that better opportunities (and less capable court systems) awaited him near Jupiter. Working from his new base, he made a name for himself by pushing contracts to the letter of the law and building a real estate empire based on the needs (and lack of money and influence) of the solar system’s most desperately poor people.

He expanded his sleazy empire into legal (but morally questionable) gambling, which was concentrated on Ganymede, where he made a killing (sometimes literally). Drumf has since expanded his empire into debt collections, security (including a makeshift Navy), and advertising.

Drumpf recently made a rare mistake in betting $2 trillion (mostly borrowed) on a horse race and choosing the biggest loser. Drumf blames the Special Justice Group and the Emperor of Jupiter (whom he had been casually threatening to overthrow) but cannot provide evidence to support his accusations.

While Drumf’s economic position is extremely precarious, his political capital is greater than ever and he is threatening to enter the next year’s political race to be the next President of the Earth Alliance. Nearly all political analysts dismiss him out of hand and view his chances of success to be near zero. They expect this to be the latest in a series of stunts designed to expand his wealth and his ego.

Donald Drumf

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