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The crew was on the ship of the newly refurbished Black Adder, being addressed by Captain Baldric. They were ready to launch it into space for the first time since it was rebuilt, and with the new crew members present, he felt it was appropriate to give a motivational lecture on all the different ways to die in space. Once he is done, he tells Nathan to blast them off – due to his excellent piloting skills, he was able to take off with smooth sailing.

During the speech, Shu was watching VR since he had been forced to listen to it twice before when Baldric practiced it on him. He received a message from HQ, saying that he was needed at a virtual chatroom. Once he arrives, he sees that it’s not the same guy as usual sitting there – the new person was young, had a full head of hair and a normal voice. The man tells Shu that an interesting situation had popped up. Shu needed to go to a particular address and was allowed to bring one person with him.

Once Shu read who it was from, his hair goes on end – the message was from the local Psi-Corps station on the moon, apparently needing some sort of justice done. Shu asks the HQ representative why, and the man shrugs telling him that they don’t really know. What they do know is that the SJG relies on Shu’s judgement to find out what it is, if they think they can take it on then the team should do so, though the SJG should be notified as well. Otherwise, he can feel free to pass it on.

Kit comes out to greet Drew, telling him that “they’re” in her room. Drew follows her, and sees four new origami animals sitting on the ground. Most of them were nonsensical, such as the dolphin that simply said “so long” though one curiously said “Good is the enemy of the Bester”.

Leonie gets a message from NE-1 – he tells her that he has to stay on Earth for now. He has an assignment that keeps him there, and is not really privy to tell her. He doesn’t want her to think less of him. She says that she would never do so, and he says that’s untrue.

The voyage to the moon goes without any trouble which was to be expected – the corridor to the moon is one of the most heavily policed area in human space. Captain Baldric congratulates the crew on succeeding their first passage on the new ship, and that they are now free to do whatever during their time on the moon. Nathan and many of the other crew members took the opportunity to immediately begin re-christening the ship.

Patterson goes out shopping with Leonie and notices that he is being followed. He turns around and notices the man, who appears to be a Hugh Jackman-lookalike. He turns to Leonie and informs her about Wolverine. She notices that there is a second person following them as well, who is wearing a visor. Nudging Patterson, Leonie asks him if he would “help her in the dressing room” saying that she may need to be zipped up.

The two of them make their way to the dressing room, when Patterson calls Shu and lets him know that they’re being followed. Shu pulls up a security feed in his brain, and sees a third one walking to meet the other two, and lets them know that “Colossus” is on his way. Patterson asks Leonie to take her clothes off – to go invisible of course, with no ulterior motive whatsoever.

Patterson hears a knock at the dressing room door, saying that they would like him to open up in the name of the Lunar Authorities. Patterson opens the door and hands over the jacket that Leonie had. The man throws it on the ground, saying that he is a wanted man – the Lunar Authorities allow bounty hunters to operate in this space.

As Patterson is being grabbed by “Wolverine”, Leonie has her phone up and broadcasting the information for Shu. Shu then tries to call the ship to let them know that Patterson needs assistance, but ends up reaching Kit instead of Nathan. She demands a unicorn for her troubles and generally gives Shu a hard time. Instead of dealing with her through a stressful time, he shuts the whole ship down before realizing that he can just text Nathan what’s going on.

Patterson has been looking for any way he can possibly get out of Wolverine’s grasp, demanding a lawyer before he gets down to the station. Leonie sneaks up invisibly to try and touch one of the three men, in order to stun them. They do not seem to notice her touching them at first, but she eventually managed to cause “Colossus” to tip over. “Wolverine” believes that there’s something going on, so he begins to slash at Patterson. Patterson begins to bleed profusely and collapses on the ground. “Cyclops” tries to use his visor to look around, but doesn’t seem to catch Leonie hitting “Wolverine” and taking him down. Freaked out, Cyclops says that Patterson is not worth it, maces him and then runs away. Leonie takes some of the downtime in order to stabilize Patterson’s wounds.

McCoy shows up with Nathan once they got the message, and run into the police as they get to Patterson. McCoy flashes his badge, asking what’s going on. They explain that their “Y Team” managed to get a wanted man. McCoy shakes their hand to gain their trust, then asks to move everyone to the nearest station in the area.

McCoy slaps “Wolverine” awake, asking about the bounty. He tells him that it was apparently placed ten minutes before Patterson arrived to the moon, even going as far as to tell what bay Patterson was going to be docked at. The police wonder if Patterson is going to press charges – after all, the footage supports that Patterson never resisted arrest, yet was still badly injured. McCoy negotiates with the police, saying that Patterson will fall under his charge, and manages to score the $50,000 bounty off of it. Additionally, charges are going to be placed against Wolverine for assault. After he finishes his conversation with the police, he sends a message to Shu to keep him updated, and then goes to look into who placed the bounty in the first place.

Shu takes Lawrence with him to meet the person at the Psi-Corps base. As Shu deals with the issue regarding Patterson, Lawrence goes to tell the security desk that they will be a few minutes late for their meeting. The secretary said that it was alright, they already knew, which freaked Lawrence out a little bit. Once Shu is done receiving updates, she directs the two of them to the director’s room, also points out the bathroom as well since she can sense that it will definitely be needed afterward.

Special Agent Bester shakes their hands, then asks for the two of them to be seated. He promises that he will not be reading their brains, and Lawrence captured the promise in writing. Bester asks that if they take a job in which any damage that is done cannot be linked back to PsyCorps.

Shu asks for more details first, so Bester asks if Shu was familiar with Julian Cressida. After shaking his head, Bester explains in further detail – he is well known for running the solar system’s most famous bar, “Polyhymnia”. It’s only open once every three or four weeks, in a different location each time, and the attendees never know that they’re invited until they after they arrive. Originally, Cressida was a university researcher specializing in social engineering, he had to flee the university over a small matter of not paying his income tax for 20 years. The rumors state that he hid in the asteroid belt and decided to run a bar ever since – slowly becoming the famous person he is today, 47th most famous in fact.

Bester notes that Cressida is quite strange, and pushes a button, causing a screen to come down. Images appear on the screen highlighting a wreckage from over 15 years ago. Dead people are scattered among the ship wreckage, with one of them being the real Julian Cressida. It seems that someone has stolen his identity for some reason, and the Psi-Corps has been trying to find Polyhymnia and this fake Julian Cressida for awhile with no luck, so they went with the SJG instead.

Shu asks if there is a profile to these people. Vector tells them that apparently, all of the guests are renowned in their field. They get invited randomly, are filmed, and handed their favorite drink before being entertained by Cressida. Psi-Corps is interested to know why Cressida is gathering all of this information, and if he is a security threat. Shu isn’t completely convinced initially on why they should look into this, but after some thought, tells him that they will think about it.

They go back to the ship to visit Patterson and also look into how the bounty was placed and who leaked the information of their arrival. Shu then tells Drew that Kit has one more chance to behave or she’s out, and also tells the Captain about the trouble that she caused. Leonie visits with NE-1 to gather some information, and he will keep an eye out for it.

Lawrence does some research regarding Cressida’s parties – he discovers that there is a subgroup dedicated to tracking them down and trying to crash them. Out of those groups, he comes out with three of the most reliable people – one Devon K, who has crashed the party twice; one user named Astart has been once but came close three times, and a German named Kalt who has a database of sightings for a fee. Shu, instead of paying, hacks into Kalt’s database and takes all of the information, then publishes it on the internet.

With the information, Lawrence runs calculations on Devon and Astart’s models and discovers that Devon’s is much better than Astart’s. He and Shu run some of the data, though due to faulty math, ends up in the wrong place in the wrong time. They believe though that due to the model, the next event will happen on the moon, and eventually came to the conclusion that it will be in two days.

The event is to be held near a university that recently lost its chance to host a poets’ event. Their theory is that because of that, poets will be the ones who are invited. Leonie has no luck nabbing a date, but Drew on the other hand gets one that is absolutely smitten with him. She tells him all about the invitation to a poetry slam with a bunch of high class poets, but was told not to bring anyone. Drew uses his skill to charm her, and she says that she sees no reason why not to bring him along – they will love him. Shu does a hack on the security in the place and is utterly convinced that they are correct. He lets Bester know that the party will be there.

Leonie and Patterson sneak their way into the restaurant front as regular dinner goers, and noticed that one of the waiters looked like Cressida. They see the poet that Leonie tried to pick up – Cressida gives him a rose and a drink. Shu, who is in a nearby building, lets the Psi-Corps know that he is in place. As Drew arrives, gunfire explodes from the side door. A man in a black suit comes out and says, “Get the Alien!!” As Drew tends to his date, McCoy calls his contacts at the Lunar Police, telling them Cressida’s location, description and saying that he’s wanted for tax evasion.

Cressida goes on the run, with Leonie and Patterson on the chase. Leonie, due to being more athletic, catches up to him rather quickly and grapples him. As they manage to tie him down, something went off and both she and Patterson went temporarily unconscious. Cressida begins to run again, but is captured by one of Psi-Corp people.

Leonie and Patterson wake up and find three Psi-Corps people above them – one with a gun and the other two looking over Cressida. One of them begin to lecture them on how they should leave the chase to the professionals, though Leonie flirts with him in order to distract them from Patterson.

The Psi-Corps members interrogate Cressida – why does he want to study humans? He replies, his people believe that monsters live here. He wanted to disprove it to them.

They ask how his people were able to manipulate them so well, he says that he has been studying humankind for 30 years. His people, known as the Centauri, have been studying them even longer. Patterson tries to go and help Cressida due to the burn in his back, though the PsyCorps people tell him not to touch him – he is dangerous, after all. As they were distracted with him, Leonie knocks the first guard out, goes invisible, then knocks the other two men out as well.

Cressida looks up and asks what they were going to do with him now? While there are definitely questions, they guarantee that he will be safer with the SJG than with the Psi-Corps. Leonie calls up Shu to explain what happened, and Shu was really baffled by the turn of events – it looks like they are turning their backs on the people that hired them in the first place, after all. He tells them to escape with Cressida. McCoy was given the heads up, then calls off the cops from that area, giving Leonie and company free range to leave the sewers.

The alien wakes up and asks if they are going to be in trouble because of him. He offers to take them to the asteroid belt, where the Psi-Corps would not be able to reach. Shu tells Nathan to take them to a less than optimal route towards Mars since the ship had a package to drop off there, then they will go to the asteroid belt afterward.

They ask his name, in which he introduces himself as a member from the House of Molari. He says that due to rescuing him, the group has saved many from trouble. He says that if he has a radio, he can give a message to his people, telling them “It’s time to Stop Hiding”. Shu asks Molari if he’s familiar with Bad Wolf – he says that he has heard of them but doesn’t really know more than that.

The group secretly meet to decide what to do with Molari, if they should keep him or face the wrath of the Psi-Corps. They figure that the wrath of Molari’s people, since they are an unknown entity, may be worse, so they take his side. Molari eventually reveals that what they will be driving to is a Centauri base in the Asteroid Belt, and the ship heads that way. They reach the belt and are treated as guests. After a few days, a hole opens up near Earth and a ship comes through. They announce to the people that they are in fact, the Centauri, and they wish no harm – they only wish to trade.

Molari was correct, the pandemonium caused everybody to forget about Cressida, probably including the Psi-Corps. The Black Adder was allowed to leave the hidden station and Kit got a very miniaturized Unicorn for a pet from a grateful Molari.

Just before they leave the base, the group hears about the death of Conrad Lang. Apparently he was bitten by an insect two feet in diameter. Shu sent a message through the SJG congratulating the team that was hired to punish Lang on accomplishing their goal. A message was returned that Lang died of a poison that caused people to imagine things that they wanted. Molari is interested to hear this because he has read that the monsters used to keep such creatures to punish people who betrayed them.


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Welcome to a Bigger Universe

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