Spacecraft & Spycraft

Mission of Mercy

Shu got an update on their next mission – the group wants to meet in person, on Callisto, since they do not want to divulge too much information beforehand. Once there, he brings Leonie and Patterson out with him to meet the representative at a previously established coffee shop.

The weaselly man who was waiting for them introduced himself as Adam West of Gensatech Corporation, each giving them a limp handshake before sitting down. He tells the three of them that the matter at hand is delicate, and would need to be taken with caution. The company, which heads mining operations out of the asteroid belt, is run by a family and one of their members have gone missing. Pulling out a photo, Mr. West states that his name is Jim Segall – while he doesn’t know it yet, his mother and head of the company had changed her will to grant him 20% of the company once she passes. Segall had previously been quite a troublemaker, experimenting with drugs and the law, but recently cleaned up his act and became a humanitarian which pleased the rest of the family.

Segall had last been spotted at Fururi Station, out in the Belt, which was a Gensatech mining facility until it was abandoned. He is believed to have been kidnapped in order to get his credentials to get into the station. Mr. West describes the kidnappers as belonging to the Cult of the Divine Form, a weird group of people who believe that through genetic manipulation, they can reach the divine and learn of the true form that humans are supposed to possess. They have been kicked off of multiple planets previously, and had currently set up in the bet where they ran into Segall. The family believes that the cult took him because they believe that he has the authority to donate the station to the cult, which in reality, he wouldn’t be able to until his mother had passed.

Fururi Station had previously been stripped of many of its items, and the computer systems are completely offline, so the group would have to go over there and try to get Segall back home. Mr. West then hands out a business card in case they need to contact him – unfortunately, he will not be able to get them a contact within the belt itself.

After accepting the mission, the group headed back to the ship on a three week course to the station. In the meantime, they were able to get a legal record on the cult – while they had been previously arrested for petty crimes such as panhandling, they do not have a history of violence nor major supporters. The group decided that the best course of action to go into the station would be under the guise of a charitable company that is looking to support scientific advances.

A week out, Mr West calls. He regrets to inform that the motion has gone through the corporate council to speed up the process a little bit. This is due to the relationship between the various investors – Segall’s mother and Aunt are disagreeing with how they want to handle this, and the investors landed on the decision to speed it up. A military ship is being sent and will arrive the same time that the Adder will, in order to assist with the extraction. The ship is full of Marines, headed by one Captain Garanath. Has a history of following orders to a letter, and is a rather successful person in his endeavors. West is not privy to who is making the decision, and if Shu has any problems, he should speak to Captain Garanath of the Littoral.

Shu tries to speak to the Littoral to tell them of their plan and gets a message back – when the communications gets less than a 5 second lag, then they will speak. Nathan sent off a message to the ship since he thought he knew one of the pilots, got no response. Shu then gets a knock on his door from Kit, who got a message from the station. It said, Epsilon Violation 12, initiating Delta Sanction. She doesn’t like the sound of that, and she said that they should keep themselves from getting killed.

Any research on the code comes back with very little. Leonie goes to asks her contact NE1, who finds the code interesting – he indeed has heard of this one before. Delta Sanction is the highest rating for when biological experimentation gone wrong, and the Violation means that it did not work.

Four days out, the Adder can begin to sense some very low power from the station showing that it is active, but barely. A day out, Shu contacts the Littoral again – he has heard about the SJG mission, and he says that they have 12 hours to get them out of there. Shu discusses with him that they really need to try the safer method in order to get him out first, before they send the marines in.

Lincoln sends a drone out to examine the outside of the ship, which determines that there is a faint life support running through the ship but it’s otherwise dead, including the communications. There is a faint light coming from one of the docks however, suggesting that it is in use, and it is equipped with cameras. Kit says that she has a bad feeling about this.

Lincoln, Leonie and a couple crew members use a shuttle to land at the dock to scope things out. There were four men standing there, with the leader looking serene. The other three immediately burst into question once the crew step out of the shuttle, wondering why their ship is out there and what it’s planning to do. The leader of the crew tries to calm them down, and then introduces themselves, his name being Corposten. He says that they had sensed their coming through the ether, though they could not understand why. Either way, they are no longer the Cult of the Divine Form, but the Harbingers of the Divine Form due to the progress they have made recently and welcomes them to their station.

Leonie introduces the group as the League of Interstellar Actionable Research Scientists, stating that they have heard of their group and are here to give donations for scientific progress. Corposten says that while fantastic, he wonders why the head of the ship is not down here themselves to greet him? Leonie lies to him and tells them that they are sick, though they are willing to make contact with radio. Corposten takes the radio and gets into contact with Patterson who tries to negotiate with him. Corposten apologizes, says that he only deals with people face to face and turns it off. Turning to Leonie, he says that she is very brave, thinking that they do not pay her enough for what she is doing. Corposten then gestures to the station to give them a tour.

As they go down the hall, they pass through the control room and notice that the room has been completely stripped. Many of the former living quarters are now desolate. Lincoln starts talking about the life support and air quality and how bad it is here, Corposten says that it meets their needs but Lincoln is free to take a look at it. A cult member leads him into the room, where everything is duct taped together and not computerized. He states that the ship is run on nuclear fusion, and they manage to make it work.

Leonie continues down the hall, sees some computer terminals with a weird helix on it. NE1 is able to see it via their psyonic link, thinks it’s curious that everyone on this station has managed to survive. As they go further in, they can hear music with unintelligible words. NE1 tells her that it’s in binary code, they are singing to their DNA. As they get further into the core, footprints can be seen outlined in chalk – though the footprints are not quite human. The leader said that was a beautiful dead end. Once they get to the bridge, the wires have been completely stripped from this area as well. Leonie takes some of the syringes and asked about them, the leader said that she could have them since it was a failed experiment, they had to abandon it due to the screaming.

There are ten people in the room total, all of them looking extremely odd with various limbs everywhere. They say that they are peaceful here and that their research has been great as of late – someone was able to breathe vacuum for four minutes straight before a messy fate. Corposten then turns the radio back on, asks if Patterson is willing to meet directly. Patterson refuses, so he turns it back off.

The crew explores the ship and find out through talking with the other cult members that Segall left the ship on the shuttle three weeks ago and has not come back since, leaving a wife and son behind. Leonie talks to her and convinces her to leave with them. As they go back to the ship, Corprsten and the three men are loading boxes onto the ship, and say that they’re going to drive it into the war ship in order for it to explode. As Leonie tries to convince them to stop, Lincoln tries to remove the boxes in the ship. Corposten’s people become aggressive and the group gets into combat.

Leonie defeats one of the men and then goes running after Segall’s wife who took off back into the space shuttle. Lincoln manages to free himself, take out the other guy and then gets into the space shuttle with the Corposten. Leonie convinces the wife that if the space station gets attacked, it’s the last place that she wants to be and for her son’s safety and that the wife should decide to come with her instead. That convinces the wife, who decides to come with them after all, and the crew go back to the Adder.

After the crew were examined, they wake up and talk to Corposten He says that Segall abandoned them previously, and gives them his location. They drop Corposten off back at the station, and gives the Marines the OK to go in. Corposten thanks the Adder for leading them basically to their deaths, then turns the radio off.

The Adder then uses the coordinates to go over to the asteroid where he was supposed to be. They see Segall’s ship docked in there. Lincoln finds interestingly enough, the ship is jury rigged into the space station. Lincoln, Leonie and crew go down to the ship first to see if there are any signs, but it doesn’t look like anyone has been there for awhile.

The crew goes into the building proper. The thing Lincoln finds interesting is that this station was designed differently than someone from Earth would do – it’s not ideally designed for humans. Normally it’s very self evident where things are, in terms of power or plumbing, but not in this particular station. There are pockets of brown goo, in a twisting pattern that reminds him of a snail shell. As they go in further, a screen flickers on with a voice saying “Save Me….” and flickers off again before the group can respond to it. Two bodies were then found by the group, completely destroyed by something. They determine that the bodies had been there for awhile, before Segall could have possibly gotten there.

The group gets to the control section of the station. Lincoln uses his skills to boot the computer up, and the lights come up in the main bridge. Shu hacks into the computer, and asks the computer for a map, as well as where someone inside could send a signal. There were two places, a general one and a high security one. Shu communicates this information to the rest of the team.

Lincoln can feel some vibrations coming from one of the corridors. He throws a stun grenade and goes after it once the grenade goes off. When he turns the corner, he sees something large and cockroach like. As Lincoln took a second for his thoughts, the cockroach creature turned around and ran away. The group continue on towards the research center, the more likely area that Segall could have gone to. The group knocks on a mysterious door with the words “Bad Wolf” on there, but before they left, the door opens. The inside contained beds on the wall, computers on, the brown goo everywhere. Human remains litter the room. Behind the glass isolation room, the beds inside had restraints that had been snapped off and isolation walls have been blown out. They then stumble on to a human chest, missing arms, legs and head with its chest open, heart beating still.

When one of the crew members from the Adder goes in there, he noticed that someone cleaned off the controls to the power plant. He freezes for a couple seconds and calls the rest of the team over. He then points to a woman encased in some translucent goo, dressed like the people in the cult.

The crew suddenly heard a voice saying, “So you’ve come”. Leonie asked the voice where it was. The man replied that he was all around them. As the scene was transmitted back to the Adder, the wife can hear the voice, and recognized it as Segall. His wife calls back, asking what happened to him. Segall said that his crew stumbled onto this room when lost, accidentally touched the brown goo and then it broke out. The crew ask where he is, then suddenly the goo came together with a bunch of human arms and all of them wave at the crew. He said that he tried to save Cheryl, and was wondering if he succeeded. They describe her current situation, trapped in the goo, and he sighs. Segall describes that there’s something in there with him, though they do not know what. As the wife said goodbye to Segall, the rest of the crew ran out of there with the plan to explode the nuclear reactor. The crew manages to get out of there with no troubles and decontaminate themselves before boarding their own shuttle.

The ship took off before the explosion completely destroyed the building. As the blast was tearing the place apart, the crew saw a centipede creature scurry out and then get launched out into space from the force of it all.

NE1 tells Leonie that they should definitely not share this information with anybody, because it would be in danger if it fell into the wrong hands – then goes offline. Shu then takes the video and begins editing it. They radio in for the mission, letting them know the situation with Segall, and the whole family wanted to go meet with the wife and baby. After some discussion, the group decided to give the baby to the aunt and Mr. West on Luna.

NE1 comes back after a week again, very battered sounding and tells Leonie that he prevented people from finding out information on them. He warns Shu that releasing the video will set off a chain of events, which only makes Shu released the video anyway.

NE1 then told Leonie of her back story when they met in a bar in Bolivia – his real name Nathan Edwards I. She fell in love with him and they were an unstoppable team together. He convinced her to sneak into a Psi Corps facility, and she got caught. Instead of deciding to kill her, they used her to get to him. After two weeks, he came for her, and Psi Corps wanted information out of him – especially the information from a heist that he was involved with. They started shooting Leonie until he cracked, and started spilling information. They realized that they can use him for experiments, since he was a zeroed psychic, and operated on them both. NE1 lost his body and made him permanently linked to Leonie, while wiped her memory and handed her to the SJG. They are currently using him as a psychic interrogator, though they are coming for him now because he knows too much. NE1 says, it has occurred to him that these centipede creatures have recently woke up in the last 200 years. He believes that Shu has just started a war, and NE1’s last act is to give Shu a large amount of data before he cuts off contact from Leonie completely.

The group begins to prepare themselves for the upcoming job, along with the dangers that now await.



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