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Medusa Sanction, Part 1

Shu receives a priority message, telling him to come to the virtual room. The bald man with a gravely voice tells him congratulations for the great job done in the last mission, so of course the reward for that would be an even harder mission. He pushes a button to bring up a screen with the details. The message is from one Charlie Manelli who is in dire need of help. She was a courier carrying a package from Berlin to Toronto – as of two days ago, not only was the package lost, but so were both of her legs, bionic eyes as well as her arm. She is getting put back together, but the package is of vital importance. She gives her contact information before ending the call.

They traced the call back to St. Catherines’ Hospital in Toronto. Photo comes up of Charlie, who turns out to be a native of the area, with no relatives. She is believed to be a black market smuggler. The damage done to her must mean that the package she was carrying is worth something. The other intriguing thing is that St. Catherines’ has first class care – someone of her status normally couldn’t afford this, so whoever employed her must have arranged for it. The bald man smiles, and lets Shu know that one member of senior management pushed specifically for Shu to take care of this mission.

Shu looks further into Charlie’s background. She is officially listed as unemployed, however she has an extremely wealthy apartment with expensive tastes and travels a lot. He then gets into her bank account and sees that she receives tens of thousands of dollars a month, most of it in cash deposits, and it tends to go out just as fast due to her fine tastes. She travels to Europe often, as well as Mars and Luna, and one of her last trips had her carrying a couple hundred pounds of goods back from Mars.

The group head over to Toronto to meet with Charlie in the hospital. She let them know her story – she was hired to carry a parcel from Berlin to Toronto and picked up some “fleas” along the way. She thinks that her mistake was to run through North York, Toronto, where she could pick up some muscle to protect her. That’s when she ran into trouble – five men and one woman, decked out in cheap suits and Maori tattoos confronted her. She pulled out her holder blaster and managed to get two of them before they got mean. Fortunately before they got to that stage, she managed to call for an ambulance since she expected the worst. Not only did they end up taking her limbs, but also her beloved leather jacket, bag, gun and of course, the package. Charlie described the package as a small metal canister with the name “Abraxis Corporation”, a group that specializes in extreme biotics, stenciled on the side. There was a computer lock on top that was coded, so she wasn’t sure what was inside. The people that were to pick up the package will be waiting at the Toronto Airport in four days.

Drew and Leonie go down to the police station in the North York area to find out more about the gang that mugged Charlie. Drew uses a fake ID to enter, and the both of them find that the inside of the building looks rather cheap. The desk sergeant motions them forward, and they ask him about the mugging. He sighs, and begins telling them about the Angels of Torment.

This group are followers of a dead Andreas Brecht, former singer of what is known as “death rock” – rock with sounds of torture. The man lived a typical life expectancy of a singer: 10 years relatively unknown, 1 year a rising star, 6 months on top of the world and then was killed by none other than his background singer. Another group known as the Sword of Christ blew up his recording studio sometime afterward. The Angels of Torment were huge fans of his, named after his first album. The gang are huge fans of leather jackets and have exterminated many other gangs in the area known as the “Stumps.”

While the police celebrated at first, they now kind of wish that they had the old gangs due to how much worse the Angels of Torment are. While they don’t know exactly where the group is in the Stumps, they do know that the head of the gang is named Michaelmass, and if they want to get in touch with the group without getting cut up, they need to talk to him first.

Shu established connection with Charlie, and wondered where she was being followed before the Stumps. She let him know her route, and then he uses camera footage to determine who it was. To him, it appears that they were from Abraxis Corporation, and she managed to shake them before she arrived at the Stumps. Charlie also has a clue on who hired her, and while she didn’t expect it, she wants to confirm first before telling him.

Patterson and Leonie go out to try and meet with the Angels, under the guise that they have some leather jackets to sell them. They ask around the Stumps, with the common reply being asked if they had a death wish. They eventually found their way to an old book depository, and immediately knew they were in the right place due to the screams of torture between sounds of rock. They try and knock, they heard the volume turned down and then a skinhead opens the door. Impressed by both of their hotness, he immediately tells them that they both can come in.

Everyone inside is extremely impressed by how hot the two of them are, including the head of the gang. He asks what they want, and Patterson says that they’re here for business. The group becomes even more impressed, saying it is about time people recognize them as the power in the area. The head introduces him as Michaelmass, and asks if they think Andreas Brecht was the best thing ever. Leonie says that he was so forward that he was walking backwards. Mass was so impressed by the answer that he offers to tattoo her ass, but Leonie reminds him that they’re there for business first.

Patterson offers the custom leather jackets idea so that the gang can distinguish themselves from anyone else. Real leather, mind you, imported, for a good deal. Everyone is extremely pleased to the point where a couple of them peed themselves, and wanted to know what the two of them wanted in return. They said that they will take money, as well as anything interesting that the group may have. The gang tells them about what they had gotten from the mugging – unfortunately they already had sold the eyes and gave the canister to a part timer, but at least they still have the jacket that Charlie was wearing!! Patterson and Leonie perk up on mention of the canister and ask where that part timer was – after all, they need to know where they live so they can get their measurements for leather wristbands, the item that part timers will receive. The group gives over that information very willingly. As the two of them are leaving, Mass shouts to the group to pump up the music and party like its 1999.

Shu decides to meet up with Patterson and Leonie when they go over to meet with the part timer. Patterson knocks on the door, and the woman behind it asks who it is. He tells the two of them that he heard that they found a canister and because of it, they won a contest for some money – they need to produce the canister though before they can deliver. The woman behind the door, who introduces herself as Ashley Wong, says that she no longer has it because it’s killing her boyfriend, Bobby Joe. She leads the group to a bathroom where he is sitting barely conscious in a bath of ice water.

Ashley tells them that she gave the tube away to one “Mycroft Soft”, who is a known fence, in exchange for some medication for Bobby but it doesn’t seem to be working. Patterson and Shu look at each other and immediately assume biohazard. Shu says that there is a finders fee, and gives the two of them $2,000. Because of his generosity, Ashley was very willing to let them know how to get in contact with Mycroft and retrieve the tube.

Once the group exchanges information with each other, Drew and McCoy decide to go down and do a little investigating on Abraxis Corporation. Kit was able to develop some Police Detective cards for the two of them, and as she gives them out, she warns the two of them that she feels that the two of them are getting into something dangerous. Drew promises that he will be alright, and reassures that they will be okay. They go to Abraxis the next day, and tells the front desk that they are investigating a mugging. She gets a manager to speak to them, and the describe the mugging as well as the canister, letting them know that they want to return the contents to them. The manager steps out for a moment, loudly whispers for help, then comes back in several minutes later, putting the cameras up. The manager is very fixated on it, and asks for retrieval of the canister in exchange for $2,000,000 dollars. He lets them know that it would be the worst for them if the contents of the canister fell into a different corporation’s hands. They exchange contact information before leaving.

Drew and McCoy decide to go back to the precinct with the hunch that they would be followed, which turned out to be true. They captured the man who was tailing them, who turned out to be from Abraxis Corporation. After some questioning, they find out that the contents of the canister contain some experimental bacteria that is supposed to be able to eat radiation. Handling with gloves should be fine, and they believe that it is alright for humans to handle in general. With that knowledge, they let the man go for now.

Patterson was able to find Mycroft’s private Google Calendar and made an appointment with him later that evening. Patterson and company go to speak with him at his door – after a couple knocks, Mycroft opens it and says that he needs to cancel the meeting. He looks concerned, with damage to his face. Shu was able to see this through the security cameras that a Japanese couple entered an hour before and have not left since. Patterson begins to act offended and demands that he needs to speak to Mycroft immediately – all a ruse to give Leonie enough time to slip unnoticed through the door. The door is suddenly slammed in Patterson’s face before that could happen, so Leonie makes her way to the side of the building and tries to enter it there instead. She gets up on the balcony and can see that the apartment is being thoroughly ransacked. The man is rough handling Mycroft while the woman was very meticulously looking through his stuff.

Leonie managed to get in quietly and used her whip to decapitate the woman without anyone noticing. She listed to the conversation that the Japanese man was having with Mycroft. The Japanese man asked where the Medusa Canister was, and Mycroft tells him that he already sold it to an artifical girl with the name of Joan Ness, a member of the Android Liberation Front. The Japanese man said that information was all that was needed, and before he injects something into Mycroft’s body to end him, Leonie uses her whip to take out his arm.

The man simply looks down at his arm and says, that’s unfortunate, before struggling to get his pistol out. As Patterson breaks into the apartment, Lawrence bars the door behind them. Leonie tries to touch and paralyze the Japanese man, though he dodges. He finally successfully pulls out a needler and fires it at Leonie, but misses because he is not using him primary hand (which is lying on the floor next to him). As Leonie grapples the man, he pulls out a knife and throws it at Patterson. It hits Patterson right in the torso, and he is severely weakened by it. While Lawrence scrambles for a first aid kit, Leonie locks the Japanese man’s arm and manages to subdue him. The poison that Leonie’s weapon had finally kicks in and the man slowly goes unconscious.

After Leonie takes a shower, Lawrence uses the medkit to wake the man up. He says that he has no value for his own life. Leonie takes out the whip, he says to wait a minute, and as he begins to open his mouth to say something, the back of his head softly explodes. The group grabbed Mycroft, set off the sprinklers to destroy evidence, and then left in a hurry before the police arrived. As they were on route to get Mycroft to a safe place, Charlie calls them to let them know that she confirmed who hired her – the Yakuza.

Once Mycroft woke up, he tells the group how he came across the tube, which matched the story that Ashley Wong told earlier. He had a Korean medic scan it and she noticed how dangerous it really was. She tells him if someone were to get their hands on it and crack the computer code, it would destroy everyone within a 10 mile radius. Knowing what a hot deal he had, Mycroft paid the medic some hush money and then went to the net to tell everyone that he had something to sell.

A girl with a soft German accent and cat pupils came by, someone who was a known part of the ALF even though the actual organization fell through a few years back. She took a look at it, says “Lang” but doesn’t say anything further. She opens her bag to reveal 300,000 dollars and Mycroft immediately sells, along with some other goods as well – basically, the makings of a bomb. As he was deciding what to do, whether to skip town or no, the Japanese couple entered the scene.

Some research revealed that “Lang” was probably referring to Conrad Lang of Eumenides Corp. He was associated with a contract to produce police androids that went way over budget and had to “clean it up” afterward. The mess damaged his reputation so severely that he had to go on the lam. As for the woman, Joan Ness, it revealed that she is considered a local hero in Nigeria. She was head of a security unit for a mining corporation, and a dispute with the corporation resulted a micro-nuke being set off which supposedly killed her. Curiously enough, she was seen six months later in Marseilles.

And even more curious is how Ness ended up here, with the makings of a biological bomb with the potential to destroy tens of thousands. The group set off to see if they can track her down.


Well done, as usual. I only needed to correct a few spelling issues.

Medusa Sanction, Part 1

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